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Sms alarm for car

Developer: Automatic Labs, Inc.
3 usd

A simple application that will make of your phone alarm for a car. Alarm system will send you an SMS(or call) with the coordinates of the machine if the fixes for a blow to the body, the noise in the cabin or the movement of the machine. In the new version added support for temperature sensors, and light. Which is triggered on exceeding the set temperature threshold (from 5 degrees) and the rapid changes in light intensity.Do you have an old phone? Give him the chance of a new life!Install this application on your phone and you will get a car alarm. In what will be the next features:-shock sensor to the body,-sensor noise in the cabin,-an acceleration sensor, which allows to fix the movement of the machine,- temperature sensor,- light sensor,-notice of coordinates of the machine in case of moving,-the opportunity to hear what is happening in the cabin during an alarm.
Install the application. Run. Call from the "main" phone (according to the instructions on the screen). And set in the car, preferably tightly clutching a plastic or metal housing.This is sufficient for use, but there are many settings.
The application can be used as an alarm system for your phone or tablet. Also, there are plenty of other options for alerts, you can:- attach the phone to the door,- put in a drawer,- etc.
Light sensor and temperature sensor have is not on all devices.Light sensor on many devices only works when the screen (the screen can be configured so).
1. The application sends an SMS message to the number of your "main" phone. For sending SMS can be charged according to the tariff of your mobile operator.2. Set up a program to fit your phone and your conditions of use. To avoid false alarms, and sending a large number of SMS.3. When you make a call beep disabled.